Ad Server Features

Selected Features List

The Adhese direct ad server contains a large set of possibilities for managing digital advertising campaigns. The following list includes the essential features on various topics. For more information and a deep dive in the system, contact us.

Some of the features depend on user identification and on user consent. The ad server is perfectly capable of functioning without consent and so without identifying the user, apart from all user-based features, of which the two most important ones are frequency capping and unique reach calculation. For both, alternative techniques that do not identify the user are available.

When consent is given, the ad server does not require to set an identifier itself, it can plug into any existing ID a publisher might have available. This allows a full integration with user logins or universal identifiers.

Overall System Information

  • Complete Online documentation (
  • code repositories
  • Online/Email support platform
  • Browser-based UI
  • API access


All technical details and links for various implementation options (Javascript, Prebid, Android, iOS, VAST, ...) are listed in the implementation guide.

  • Asynchronous & Synchronous implementation available
  • Multiple formats for each placement
  • Multiple placements in one request
  • Deferred impression tracking / Win notification is standard
  • Viewability tracking
  • Adhese recommends the IAB Viewability Standard, but custom implementations are possible, depending on the needs of the publisher.

  • Tagging never uses hardcoded zone/format/placement id's
  • Adhese offers publishers the possibility to use their own section and format identification code. This makes migration from another system or a tie-in to a CMS system easy and manageable. By avoiding any hardcoded implementation, we make sure inventory remains correct and stable in the long term.

  • Client-side key/values
  • Server-side key/values
  • Adhese offers the possibility of enriching ad requests on the server. This allows a publisher to attach data to an impression without needing to make this available in a browser or application, making it a powerful and safe alternative to cookies.

  • SSL by default
  • Mobile app Device ID and localisation support with consent
  • VAST 2/3/4 support
  • Full 1st domain implementation possible, multiple domains supported.
  • GDPR compliance by default (if no consent flag, no identifiers or personal data is accepted in the platform)
  • Anonymous logging
  • IAB Consent Framework Vendor ID available

Inventory Management

  • Automated inventory updates
  • As Adhese doesn't use hardcoded ids for inventory identification, we can easily update or create inventory automatically based on the incoming requests. This makes deploying new sections or websites very smooth.

  • Unlimited regrouping of positions in channels
  • Adhese allows for a regrouping of positions. This makes very granular tagging possible, as users can simply regroup positions and make the most often used combinations directly available in the product structure. Tagging on a very granular level allows for more insights into how the inventory behaves for each individual campaign, without the need of having to configure this for every campaign.

  • De-duplicated reporting on channels
  • Adhese reports unique visitors for each available channel, making it possible to forecast in detail what the reach of a campaign or booking will be. Unique visitors are only available with the correct consent.

  • Detailed forecasting across channels
  • Forecasting based on past, showing median, 5th and 95th percentile
  • Forecasting considers traffic share per hour of the day and per day of the week
  • Forecasting takes into account any targeting settings
  • UI, downloadable and API reporting on every position
  • Hierarchical structure through Publishers, Publications, Channels and positions

Campaign Management

  • Advertiser, Invoice company, Intermediary company, Creative agency
  • Several different roles can be linked to a campaign. This allows easy reporting for invoicing and revenue calculation for each position in the inventory of a publisher.

  • Campaign duplication
  • Campaign listing: filter by start, end, live, …
  • Offer, Option, Campaign status
  • Adhese allows the use of a full sales workflow, starting from an offer based on an active rate card, to an option and eventually a campaign. Offers do not block inventory, options do.
  • User owns campaign, "My campaigns" filter
  • Each campaign has a user and an account manager. By assigning users to campaigns, alerts and workflow steps can be monitored. Users can also easily retrieve the campaigns they are working on.

  • Customisable tagging/attributes for cross-campaign reporting
  • Roadblock / All together setting
  • Exclusive setting
  • Customisable campaign priorities linked to user rights
  • Each Adhese account can set up its own number of campaign priorities and link them to the available user roles. This allows a lot of flexibility as well as consistency in who can book what kind of campaign.

  • Booking start and end date and time
  • Booking from - till per day
  • Booking on a channel can exclude publications and/or positions
  • Excluding publications or products from a channel makes it possible to honour demands by advertisers without having to reorganise the inventory based on one-time needs.

  • Booking delivery target: impressions, clicks, viewable impressions, custom events
  • Booking fixed share of voice (0 - 100%)
  • Booking on multiple target values
  • Within a target, several values can be targeted, functioning as OR. Combining different targets will result in AND combinations. Standard targeting options are: geographical (country, region, city), device, behavioural. If available: age, gender, income, education, ... . Adhese allows an unlimited number of targets to be defined by the publisher.

  • Negative targeting
  • Frequency capping relative to first impression, per calendar day or till end of campaign
  • Frequency capping can be set on creative, booking and campaign level
  • Bulk edit a selection of bookings to change dates, pause bookings, add targets, change frequency cap, …
  • Duplicate bookings
  • Create waves of bookings based on rate card and product configuration
  • Pricing Models: CPM, CPD, CPP, CPC, CPL, vCPM
  • Automated scheduled alerts for campaign events
  • User can get alerted when an option invalidates, when a creative is missing, when a ctr drops below n, … Each user can set up scheduled alerts based on a number of conditions concerning campaign management and delivery.

  • Campaign search based on name, id's advertisers, inventory
  • Real-time campaign delivery overview showing the health of the campaign and the actually needed share of inventory

Product rate card

  • Rates linked to user rights
  • Rates contain products that are preconfigured bookings
  • Copy rates and rate cards
  • Unlimited types of discounts
  • Agency commission


  • Automated delivery that is continuously adapted
  • Real-time delivery reporting for each campaign
  • CPC optimisation


  • Server-side header bidding
  • Adhese offers a unique solution for yielding that allows server-side connections to SSP's and mixes direct campaigns, guaranteed orders and open market bids. This allows for true yielding throughout the full stack of campaigns. The Adhese Gateway increases the revenue for a publisher by picking the highest revenue for each individual impression. No averages or estimations are used.

  • Optimal yielding between direct campaigns and SSP's
  • E-CPM based optimisation


  • All IAB formats
  • Customised formats
  • Template system with request parameters and campaign properties as macro's
  • Template system for creatives and for placements
  • Adhese provides templates on two levels: per position, to be applied to every advertisement and per creative, to be applied to every visualisation of that creative. Combining both allows for full automation of creative handling and eliminates the need for scripting when handling creatives.

  • Templates stored in Git repository and using branch/release approach for deploying changes
  • Pre-made complex creatives can be managed without code knowledge through Advar Templates
  • The use of Advar templates allows for real native ads and different types of text ads.
  • Unique holistic approach for responsive websites through "Creative Array solution"
  • Using Adhese, publishers can always make sure they show the optimal creative for the platform a user is visiting. For each impression, multiple creatives can be sent back to the client, making it possible for advertisers to deliver the best fit-ting advertisement, without the need of splitting campaigns or dividing volumes across platforms; true holistic advertising.

  • JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF, HTML5, JavaScript, FLV, MPEG
  • Automatic Third Party recognition
  • Automatic click macro processing
  • Live Preview for all types of formats
  • Dropbox system for automated creative processing and trafficking
  • OpenRTB Native Advertising standard
  • Creative validation on dimensions, scripting, duration (video and audio) and click-tags.
  • Creative validation is available for all formats and all methods of handling (manual and automated).


  • VAST 2/3/4 support
  • Adhese supports all tracking events and automatically creates a Completion Rate report for each video creative.
  • Automated completion reports
  • Video available in yielding solution
  • Full Support for AdPods, with dynamic number or duration of ads.
  • Implementation in several video players


  • Native Android and iOS SDK available on
  • Direct app integration possible, no need for SDK
  • Standardised Device ID and Geo-Location pickup
  • Fully integrated in Gateway for optimal yielding


  • Daily reports on inventory and campaign
  • All campaigns are reported on the most granular level (position and target combinations)
  • Reports available as PDF, Excel, on-screen UI and over the API
  • Full event reporting for tracking interactive events in creatives, events on the page, …
  • Full bid request/response reporting through Adhese Gateway
  • Real-time delivery and click reports for all campaigns
  • Automatic benchmark reporting for each format and position
  • Automatic comparison of bookings and creatives within a campaign

User management

  • Different user roles and rights available
  • User can get access to a part of the inventory
  • Each action is logged in the User log, allowing full reporting on changes in campaigns.